If you give every letter of the alphabet a meaning like you give certain prefixes and suffixes meanings, you can determine the definition of any word in any language!


The Alphabet is all about Traffic
A is for Accessing (like accessing a file in a file system from outside the system)
B is for Bisecting (like Bisecting a car on the road to get in front)
C is for Closing (like closing a road or more likely closing a case in a police office. It takes detective work)
D is for Directing (like directing traffic)
E is for Emerging (like emerging traffic)
F is for Focusing (like focusing on the road)
G is for Governing
H is for Holding (like holding prisoner or holding documents)
I is for Informing (like informing of something personal)
J is for Juggling (like Juggling a lot to do)
K is for Keeping (like keeping fresh or keeping hidden or keeping safe)
L is for Leading
M is for Moderating
N is for Notifying (like notifying of something specific to what’s being notified of (like being notified of windows updates))
O is for Opting
P is for Policing
Q is for Queueing
R is for Reporting (like reporting to a superior)
S is for Selecting
T is for Trafficing
U is for Understanding (like interpreting and upholding)
V is for Vying
W is for Working (like a job or working as in giving a massage)
X is for Exiting
Y is for Yielding (like yielding a result or yielding to another car while driving)
Z is for Zoning

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